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100 Things #75: Test Automotive Audio via A2B Interfaces

SoundCheck features full integration with A2B interfaces, allowing seamless audio measurements with all of SoundCheck’s features and functionality. A2B interfaces connect to SoundCheck using an ASIO stream, which appears in the hardware table just like any other audio device. A2B devices are great for automotive infotainment systems as they are lightweight and easily configured, replacing traditional heavy copper wiring. A custom VI in SoundCheck even allows for A2B interface configuration during a sequence.

Test Automotive Audio via A2B Interfaces

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Learn more about connecting to automotive infotainment systems, and using SoundCheck for testing automotive audio, infotainment systems, active road noise cancellation, and more.

Video Script:

Did you know that SoundCheck can be used to test audio devices using the A2B interface? A2B is a high bandwidth, bidirectional, digital audio bus. It transports data, and controls information, clock and power, using a single, 2-wire unshielded twisted pair cable. A2B was developed for automotive applications, replacing heavy copper wire in vehicles with an easy to configure, lightweight system. But it has expanded to be used in other applications, such as distributed audio. For example A2B could be used to wire speakers and microphones used in an office conference room.

SoundCheck can access the audio streams of A2B audio interfaces, such as those from Mentor or Analog devices. Once the A2B configuration is set using the third party setup, ASIO streams can be selected in SoundCheck’s hardware table and used to test an audio components such as hands-free microphones. I’m using the Analog Devices A2B Soundcard connected to nodes with 4 PDM microphones. I can configure my current setup using Sigma Studio. Once that is done, I select “Link Compile Download” in Sigma Studio. This sends the project configuration I made to all my connected devices.

Now in SoundCheck, I’m able to go to Setup > Hardware, and choose the Analog Devices A2B SoundCard ASIO stream as my audio interface. Now that this is setup, I can get data in and out of the A2B interface just like any other audio interface. This means I can use SoundCheck to test all components of an infotainment system or A2B based distributed audio system, ranging from speakers and microphones to more complex communications and voice recognition tests.

100 Things #50: Soundcheck Supports Multiple Interfaces for Ultimate Flexibility

SoundCheck is built on flexibility, and it’s hardware compatibility is no exception. SoundCheck supports multiple audio interfaces and devices, all simultaneously. Freely combine and measure with analog and digital interfaces together. Use a Listen interface like AmpConnect 621, and pair it with an A2B, I2S, or Bluetooth interface for highly customizable tests.

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Video Script: Soundcheck Supports Multiple Interfaces for Ultimate Flexibility

Since 1995, SoundCheck has supported the use of external sound cards and audio interfaces. But did you know that SoundCheck can support multiple audio interfaces and other audio devices simultaneously giving you ultimate flexibility for a wide range of audio test applications?

Here are some examples of test applications that take advantage of this flexibility:

Add additional audio interfaces to expand your channel input and output count, for up to 64 channels of input and output

For example, add Bluetooth, Digital MEMS, I2S, A2B interfaces and even Dante to test these devices

Directly connect a USB audio device like a USB headset, microphone or speaker to test these devices

On Windows OS, SoundCheck supports a wide range of audio drivers including WDM/MME, ASIO, WASAPI, NiDAQ (if using National Instruments hardware) and even Dante. On MacOS, SoundCheck supports CoreAudio. As long as your audio device has an input or output path through a compatible audio driver in SoundCheck, it can be used as an audio source or destination for testing in SoundCheck. Furthermore, SoundCheck can easily support mixed analog and digital signals simultaneously as well as  hardware with different sampling rates.

Let’s look at a hardware setup window in SoundCheck fully exploiting this capability. In my hardware setup you can see a Listen multi channel AmpConnect 621, a BQC-4149 Bluetooth interface, an A2B interface and a USB headset all peacefully coexisting. Note: these devices use different audio drivers, mixed analog and digital signals and even different sampling rates.

With SoundCheck’s auto-delay algorithm, we can even account for latency differences outputting from one hardware device and inputting from another. For example, delays from transmitting a test stimulus to a Bluetooth device like a speaker or headphone.

SoundCheck also has resample and frequency shift post-processing steps to correct for sample rate mismatch and/or hardware clock phase differences as a result of inputting and outputting from different hardware interfaces. This means we can resample and phase align the test stimulus and response prior to analysis to assure accurate measurements.

If you’d like to verify if your device can be used with SoundCheck,  please give us a shout and we’ll check it out!


SoundCheck/Mentor A2B for Automotive Audio

mentor_a2bWe are excited to announce that SoundCheck fully integrates with the Mentor A2B interface for testing automotive audio connected via the Analog Devices A2B digital bus. The Mentor Analyzer, which handles the transmission of signal in to and out of the bus, is viewed as an ASIO interface by SoundCheck, enabling SoundCheck to read/write to the device and therefore analyze any transducer connected to the A2B bus. A custom VI permits control of the Mentor A2B interface configuration via SoundCheck. This means that it can be controlled from within a SoundCheck sequence, for example loading configurations and starting/stopping ASIO streams. This makes it an ideal R&D or production line test solution for automotive audio, or for anyone testing transducers connected via A2B bus.

Watch a video demonstration of an automotive audio test using SoundCheck and the Mentor A2B interface:


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