ALTI Expo 22

Come and see us at ALTI Expo 2022 in Las Vegas, June 5-6. We’ll be exhibiting SoundCheck 20, the latest release of our popular audio measurement software, as well as AmpConnect 621, our new multichannel hardware interface. Company founder and president, Steve Temme will present a paper on our new enhanced Perceptual Rub & Buzz algorithm, and Sales Manager Les Quindipan will introduce the new features of Soundcheck 20, as well as participate in the speaker builders workshop event.


AISE, Orlando, FL, Jun 9-10, 2019

This years AISE (ALMA International Symposium & Expo) will be held on June 9-10 in Orlando, FL. Listen will be showcasing its suite of audio measurement equipment for measuring smart speakers, wearables, smart home audio, hearables and automotive audio, as well as conventional transducers such as loudspeakers, headphones and microphones.

In addition to exhibiting, Steve Temme will present a half-day seminar on smart speaker testing. This informative and educational seminar will discuss the challenges of testing smart devices such as smart speakers, smart home devices, wearables and more, and demonstrate various methods of testing such devices. Steve Temme will also present a paper on testing smart hearable devices, and Les Quindipan will demonstrate automotive audio testing using the Mentor A2B interface with SoundCheck.


AISE, Las Vegas, NV, Jan 5-6, 2018

aise_2018This year’s AISE (formerly knows as the ALMA Winter Symposium) will focus on ‘The Revolution of the Audio Signal Chain” and Listen will be showcasing its suite of audio measurement equipment for measuring smart speakers, automotive audio, headphones, smartphones and tablets and more.

We will be exhibiting the new Version 16 of our SoundCheck software, demonstrating how flexible is for testing all types of audio devices, regardless of signal path. We will demonstrate how we can test both the speaker and microphone array performance of an internet-enabled smart speaker, and also how we can test a variety of headphones with different signal paths, such as USB, Lightning and noise-cancelling and high resolution headphones.

Steve Temme will also be presenting a paper co-written with Viktor Dobos at Harman Hungary on ‘Evaluation of Audio Test Methods and Measurements for End- of-Line Loudspeaker Quality Control’ and Daniel Knighten will present ‘Challenges of IoT Smart Speaker Testing’, a paper co-written with Glenn Hess of Indy Acoustic Research.


AISE, Las Vegas, NV, Jan 3-4, 2017

aise_2017_theme_v2-66122415_stdThis years AISE (formerly knows as the ALMA Winter Symposium) focus will be on ‘The future of mobile audio” and Listen will be showcasing its suite of audio measurement equipment for measuring automotive audio, headphones, smartphones and tablets and more.

Listen will be exhibiting at ALMA’s AISE Symposium on Jan 3-4, 2017. In keeping with the symposium’s theme on mobile audio, we will be demonstrating the flexibility of the SoundCheck system for several different headphone measurements including lightning headphones (open loop test), high resolution headphone testing and production headphone testing using the GRAS 45cc production test head.

Steve Temme will also be presenting a paper co-written with Patrick Denis at Nissan Technical Center North America, Inc. on In-Vehicle Audio System Distortion Audibility versus Level and Its Impact on Perceived Sound Quality, and Les Quindipan will be leading an exhibitor demo session on open loop measurement of lightning headphones.


ALMA Symposium & Expo, Las Vegas NV, Jan 3-4 2016

ALMA AISE logoAt AISE, the ALMA International Symposium and Expo (Jan 3-4 at the Tuscany, Las Vegas), Listen demonstrated its range of audio measurement hardware and software, including the new SoundCheck 14.1 for Mac, the first commercial audio measurement system that runs natively on Mac OS. Also on show was the company’s entire hardware lineup including the AmpConnect ISC all-in-one audio interface, along with test microphones, microphone power supplies, audio amplifiers, and various interfaces for testing Bluetooth, MEMS and other audio devices.

Steve Temme presented a paper entitled “Headphone Response: Target Equalization Trade-offs and Limitations” which discussed the effects of headphone response and equalization with respect to the influence on perceived sound quality (co-written with Chris Struck of CJS Labs).

He also presented a tutorial on the challenges of measuring high resolution audio. In this presentation he discussed the correlation of hearing and measurement at high frequencies, and the challenges of measuring out to, and beyond 20kHz. He also discussed the trade-offs in performance, such as audible intermodulation distortion. Steve also participated in the panel discussion on high-res audio.

Les Quindipan, a recent addition to the Listen team, presented a session on How to Measure Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones. In this demonstration, Bluetooth speakers and headphones were tested using a Listen SoundCheck system with the Portland Tool & Die BTC-4148 Bluetooth interface. Frequency response and distortion measurements were compared on the same speaker with both Bluetooth and wired stimuli, and he demonstrated how the BTC-4148 is paired and controlled via message steps in SoundCheck for simple test development and implementation. Sequences were also created and modified for other Bluetooth-specific test applications such as headphones and headsets.

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Steve Temme presenting at AISE

Panel Discussion on Hi-Res Audio

Panel Discussion on Hi-Res Audio









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See Us at ALMA – Jan 2014

almalogoListen will be exhibiting at the ALMA Winter Symposium at the Tuscany Hotel in Las Vegas on Jan 4-5 2014. The ALMA show, immediately before CES is a small conference focused on the Loudspeaker, headphone and microphone marketplace, with an excellent selection of training, papers and seminars from industry-leading experts. Listen will showcase its complete range of test hardware, demonstrate the soon-to-be-released SoundCheck 13 (see above) and invite you to participate in a headphone listening challenge.
Steve Temme will present a paper entitled ‘Advances in Impedance Measurement of Loudspeakers and Headphones’, which discusses a novel electrical circuit that offers single channel impedance measurements with similar accuracy to complex dual channel measurement methods, which is expected to become popular for high throughput production line measurement. Dan Knighten will present a tutorial entitled ‘A Practical approach to measuring MEMS microphones’. In this presentation, he will include a basic overview of MEMS microphones and their applications followed by practical demonstration of measurements.