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Updated Bluetooth Interface Supports High Definition and Low Latency Bluetooth

The updated BTC-4149 Bluetooth measurement interface now supports the aptX HD and aptX-Low Latency Bluetooth protocols for accurate measurement of high definition and low latency Bluetooth devices, in addition to the standard aptX, CVSD and mSBC codecs previously available. This enables manufacturers of Bluetooth audio devices to accurately test the audio of the latest high performance Bluetooth sink and Bluetooth source devices, making the same measurements as on traditional audio devices. In addition, the device has a new, larger color screen for improved ease of operation.


The BTC-4149 is designed as a R&D interface, testing both sink and source devices with full control over Bluetooth protocol settings, including explicit control over codec choice and transmitter power, as well as various pairing options.


Also available is a lower cost production tool, the BQC-4149. This tests Bluetooth Sink devices only, and offers only the standard aptX, CVSD and mSBC, along with more limited control of Bluetooth parameters. This model has been updated to use the same chipset as the BTC-4149 to ensure accurate production line replication of R&D tests for those customers who use both interfaces.


Both interfaces integrate seamlessly with SoundCheck, so that all parameters can be set and modified from within a test sequence for fully-automated testing of Bluetooth devices. This accelerates testing, particularly on the production line as it avoids the need to manually adjust Bluetooth settings, reducing the possibility of error. It also enables a device to be tested using multiple Bluetooth protocols and settings by taking sequential measurements using different settings in one continuous test.

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