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100 Things #30: Customized Calculations with the Equation Editor

SoundCheck’s equation editor enables you to apply any customized calculation to your measured data as a post-processing step, removing any need to export data to another program for additional analysis.  Customized equations are easily constructed from the extensive list of functions provided including sine, inverse sine, logarithms and basic arithmetic such as division and multiplication.

Customized Calculations in SoundCheck

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More information is also available in the  SoundCheck Manual.


Video Script: Customized Calculations with the Equation Editor

SoundCheck can perform arithmetic operations on data within a sequence. Everything from simple curve addition, to complex data processing can be programmed.

This is useful for testing to standards, like the ANSI standard for earmuff attenuation, where the average of multiple curves is needed.

The user equation editor can be found in the Post-Processing section of SoundCheck. From here you can select from a feature filled list of operations including sine, inverse sine, logarithms base 10 and base 2, and basic arithmetic like division and multiplication. With these, you can construct any customized equation you choose. These operations can be applied to any data in the memory list.

Adding calculations to a sequence is as easy as adding a post-processing step to your sequence, and selecting User Equation from the Type menu. This will automatically open the equation editor table. Detailed instructions on configuring user equations can be found in the SoundCheck manual.

The post processing and user equation editor modules are optional in SoundCheck, so speak with your local sales representative to have them added to your test system.