20-20kHz Free Field Measurements Without an Anechoic Chamber

This event has now passed, but you can view the video recording here.



In this online seminar, Steve Temme explains how to use simulated free field measurements to provide accurate free-field measurements across the entire audible frequency range without an anechoic chamber. This enables measurements that would usually be made in an anechoic chamber to be made in a regular lab or even home office – a valuable capability when so many are currently working from home.

This measurement method, which has been available in SoundCheck since 2001, measures the near-field response at low frequencies and the time-windowed far-field measurement at higher frequencies, and splices them together to provide the response over the entire frequency range.

In this seminar we will explain the acoustics and mathematics behind this method, demonstrate the test procedure with the pre-written (and available free of charge) SoundCheck test sequence, and show how the results correlate to measurements made in an anechoic chamber.

There is no charge for this seminar, but registration is required.