研讨会:新的增强型散落粒子算法 / Enhanced Loose Particle Algorithm Launch Event

2023年6月1日  上午10点(中国时间) |  June 1st 2023. 10am (China Time)


请参加Listen最新算法–增强型散落粒子(eLP)的发布研讨会。这种新的算法大大改善了生产线的瞬态失真测量,它提供了高精确度,易于与人类感知相关联,并将瞬态失真假象与谐波失真分开识别,便于故障排除。它也是识别音频设备中嘎嘎作响的按钮,以及汽车嗡嗡声、吱吱声和嘎嘎声(BSR)测量的理想选择。这种新的算法是基于原始研究,并使用了以前没有用于失真测量的技术。请参加这个简短的在线研讨会,由Steve Temme先生进行演示,并详细解释这个算法的工作原理。


Join us for a launch seminar for Listen’s latest algorithm, enhanced Loose Particles (eLP). This new algorithm significantly improves production line transient distortion measurement. It offers high accuracy, easy correlation to human perception, and identifies transient distortion artifacts separately from harmonic distortion for easy troubleshooting. It’s also ideal for identifying rattling buttons in audio devices, and automotive Buzz, Squeak and Rattle (BSR) measurements. This new algorithm is based on original research, and uses techniques not previously used for distortion measurement. Join us in this short online seminar for a demonstration by Steve Temme, and a detailed explanation of how this algorithm works.

Enhanced Perceptual Rub & Buzz Event – Asia Edition

March 24, 2022. 10:00am China time

Listen continues to lead the way in perceptual distortion measurements with our new Enhanced Perceptual Rub & Buzz algorithm. This new product, based on years of original research, offers unrivaled repeatability, reliability and correlation to human hearing, making it an unbeatable solution for end-of-line perceptual audio test.

Our launch event will include live demonstrations, results, technical explanations and more. Be the first to know. Sign up below.

Listen 凭着新的增强型感知摩擦音算法(Enhanced Perceptual Rub & Buzz algorithm)继续引领著感知失真測量。這種基於多年原始研究的新產品提供了無與倫比的可重複性、可靠性和与人类听觉的相关性,使它成為生產線末端感知音頻測試的無與倫比的解決方案。

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