The Listen Roadshow: Schedule a Visit

Covid times call for different ways of meeting our customers, and our solution is to go retro with the Listen Roadshow.

While we are happy to visit you in your offices (our entire sales team is fully vaccinated and masked!), we recognize that many of our customers are still not permitting external vendor visits. While we use online demos and seminars to great effect, we value face-to-face time with you, as it better enables us to truly understand your measurement needs and challenges.

We had a blast at our Fall roadshows in the San Jose area, and are planning further events on the West Coast in the Spring. Once the weather warms up, if Covid still prevents traditional visits, we’ll tour the East Coast and Midwest.

How it works

We schedule a day or half-day with you, where we will bring our truck and equipment and set up in your parking lot, or in one of your conference rooms (if allowed). We need permission to do this from the relevant people at your organization, and 3-4 parking spaces. Our vehicle is a large rental car, and we bring a pop-up table for demos. Depending on the event and weather conditions, we may also have a small (10’x10’) gazebo. We very much appreciate access to power and restrooms if available, although we can operate without it. We’ll bring giveaways, pre-packaged snacks, drinks and copious supplies of masks, hand sanitizer and wipes to disinfect the equipment after each touch.

In order to successfully plan, we need to schedule a date approximately 6-8 weeks in advance. This gives us time to plan a logical route, book flights and rentals, and promote the event. We’ll do this by contacting all whom we know in your organization, and inviting them to schedule a time to stop by. We also appreciate your help promoting the event internally.

To get on our schedule, or discuss further, please contact or your local sales engineer.


How much space do you need?   Indoors, any conference room will work.  Outdoors, about 3-4 parking spaces. Our preferred spot is close to a building to facilitate power supply, but this is not critical – anywhere in your parking lot or building grounds could work. A small outdoor area with tables such as a patio or dining area also works well. The photos on this page are from one of our larger set-ups. We can be more compact if required.

How many people from Listen will attend?   Likely 2 or 3

How long will you be here for?   Our visit may last anything from a couple of hours to all day, depending on how many visitors we expect and what demos we are bringing.

Do you need power?   If outdoors, it helps us immensely if we can run a power cord from your building, although we can run demos for a limited time period from the car battery if needed (we may need a jump start afterwards!)

Will you be noisy or disruptive?   No – this isn’t a ‘party’ roadshow. There is no band, no amplified music, no entourage of trailers. Just 3 of us with a car and some audio measurement demos.

Do you need to come into our building?   No. While we obviously have a preference for a comfortable conference room and are happy to meet in your building if it is permitted (we are all fully vaccinated, masked and follow Covid protocols responsibly), we can arrange for the entire event to be outdoors to minimize Covid risk. We appreciate, but do not require, bathroom access.

What are you doing about Covid Safety?   Maintaining the entire event in the open air minimizes risk. Our entire visiting team is fully vaccinated and boosted. We wear masks and maintain social distance, and ask that attendees from your company do the same. We will provide hand sanitizer and disposable masks. All demo equipment will be cleaned with disinfecting wipes after each touch. Any food and drink offered is pre-packaged in single-serve portions. Please share any concerns or questions with us in order that they can be addressed.

What about crowds?   This is not a crowded event. Usually people visit alone or in groups of 2-4 with other members of their team. We schedule meetings throughout the day to avoid congestion. Typically we have 20-30 visitors over the course of the day.

How will people know about the event?   We will email the people we know at your organization. However, we greatly appreciate the assistance of your team leaders in sharing news about the event.

Interested in hosting us? Please contact or your local sales engineer.

West Coast Audio Measurement Roadshow Nov 8th-12th 2021

Visit us next week at our West Coast Audio Measurement Roadshow! We’re bringing our truck to various outdoor locations in the Bay area for Covid-safe product demos, previews, refreshments and giveaways (details below). If you haven’t received a personal invite yet, please let us know and we’ll send you full details!