AGC Hearing Aid – Reference Gain & EIN Test Sequence

This sequence performs two of the measurements from the ANSI hearing aid test standard S3.22-1996.  The first part, in accordance with section 6.7 of the standard, helps the user set the reference test gain for the hearing aid, which is used for multiple measurements in the standard.  The second part, from section 6.12, tests the equivalent input noise (EIN) of the device.


ANSI S3.22 Hearing Aid Test Sequences

These sequences include all the tests from ANSI S3.22:2014 as well as some of the additional ‘Annex C’ tests from the 2014 ANSI standard. This guide describes the basic functionality of each sequence and details the process of hardware setup and calibration.

Each test, as outlined in the standards, is contained in a single test sequence and can be run independently. The ‘— HA ANSI S3.22_2014 Product Test — master sequence’, calls all the required individual test sequences to run a complete standard test suite. It also creates or recalls a limits file according to the definitions in ANSI S3.22:2014 and assists in setting the correct Reference Test Setting for the device being tested. The name of the master sequence is bracketed by dashes to separate it from the individual test sequences.