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100 Things #10: Low Cost Audio Measurement with SoundCheck ONE

SoundCheck’s low cost audio measurement software, SoundCheck One, is a budget-friendly solution for basic audio tests. It is simple to use with sequence templates to quickly test simple devices such as headphone, microphones and speakers. Using the same advanced algorithms as the regular version of SoundCheck, it is fully compatible with the regular version, and may be upgraded at any time.

Low Cost Audio Measurement with SoundCheck ONE

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SoundCheck One is an entry level SoundCheck package designed for basic transducer measurements. It is low-cost and easy to use, making it ideal for production, end-of-line testing and benchmarking applications.

Under the hood it features the same unique algorithms and advanced test methods as the full version of SoundCheck; the difference is in the user-interface.

SoundCheck ONE is supplied as a complete package including software and an audio interface – either an AmpConnect ISC or AudioConnect. Instead of SoundCheck’s sequence editor for test development, pre-configured test templates for speakers, headphones and microphones are provided.

Each template contains all the typical measurements for those devices. The tests themselves cannot be edited but individual steps can. For example frequency range, levels and limits can be modified and measurements toggled on or off to generate product-specific sequences. This makes it fast and easy to configure basic tests that can be deployed across multiple products.

Because SoundCheck ONE uses the same data format as full-featured versions, its curves, waveforms and results can be shared for deeper analysis with users who might have an advanced license.

At approximately half the price of a regular SoundCheck system, SoundCheck ONE is a great entry-level option. While it doesn’t offer the limitless flexibility of the full versions of SoundCheck, its template-based approach makes it extremely simple to configure and use.

Furthermore, because the SoundCheck platform is modular, your investment is not wasted if future testing demands more flexibility. SoundCheck ONE can be upgraded to a more advanced SoundCheck package with full sequence development capabilities at any time. The test sequences will continue to work on the upgraded system, where they can be expanded and developed to meet all your measurement challenges.