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100 Things #22: Easily Share SoundCheck Sequences

Its easy to share your SoundCheck Sequences for collaboration with colleagues and contract manufacturers. Sequence files, and even entire sequence suites with dependent stimulus files, limits, and recall data can be sent via email or transferred via USB or the cloud.

Easily Share SoundCheck Sequences

Learn More About Sharing SoundCheck Sequences

More information is also available in the  SoundCheck Manual.


Video Script: Share SoundCheck Sequences

Did you know it’s really easy to share SoundCheck sequences with colleagues and partners?

There are a couple of different ways of doing this. If the person you need to send it to has the same files as you, you can simply email the sequence.

Sometimes it’s more complicated than that. You may, for example, need to send a vendor a sequence that uses dependent files such as custom stimuli or reference curves. That’s also easy using the exporting function.

This creates a single folder that collects together all of the data the recipient needs to run the sequence, wherever those individual files are on your computer. The absolute file paths to locations on your machine are automatically changed into relative file paths to the folder containing the sequence.

Now when your recipient receives the folder – either via email or from a shared network drive, they can open it up in SoundCheck and run it directly.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

This is just one of the ways SoundCheck simplifies audio measurement collaboration. Keep watching for more!