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Automotive Max SPL (Maximum Sound Pressure Level)

Screenshot showing final display of automotive Max SPL sequence

Final display of automotive Max SPL sequence showing individual Max SPL curves, Max SPL average curve and Max SPL value.

This sequence measures Automotive Max SPL, the Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of a car infotainment system in the vehicle’s interior. It calculates a single value for Max SPL and displays the Max SPL Spectrum, showing the six individual microphone responses plus the average curve.

The sequence uses a 6 microphone array mounted at either the driver or passenger locations. A 30 second pink noise stimulus having an RMS level of -12 dBFS is played through the infotainment system and captured by SoundCheck’s Multi-channel Real Time Analyzer (RTA). The Multi-channel RTA produces 6 RTA curves which are then power averaged to produce a Max SPL Spectrum. The spectrum is then power summed to produce a single value for Max SPL.