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Communications Testing Seminar

Communications tests are not just for telephones! In this demo-packed seminar with communications industry expert, John Bareham, we demonstrate how to evaluate devices such as smart speakers, headphones and wearables as well as all types of phones using industry standard procedures. We discuss equipment, standards, and demonstrate sections of the TIA920B and TIA5050 standards, as well as Doubletalk measurements and POLQA analysis, all within SoundCheck.


Communications testing demonstrations include:

  • TIA-920B
  • TIA-5050
  • Doubletalk

Presenters: Steve Temme, John Bareham, Les Quindipan
Duration: 52 mins

Communications Testing Measurement Resources

This seminar was originally broadcast on Dec 14th 2022. The recording below does not include the live Q&A at the end for attendee confidentiality reasons. However, several links to additional resources were provided during the Q&A session, and these are provided below.

  1. More about the TIA-920 Test sequence for SoundCheck This for-purchase sequence measures communications devices to TIA-920-B
  2. More about the TIA-5050 Test sequence for SoundCheck This for-purchase sequence measures communications devices to TIA-5050
  3. More about SoundCheck’s implementation of the POLQA Algorithm.

More about how to Measure Communications Devices

Check out our main page on Communications Testing, which includes links to test sequences, relevant products and more for testing telephones and other communications devices.

TIA – the Telecommunications Industry Association. Listen, Inc. works closely with this group to ensure that our measurement capabilities align with the measurements recommended by the AES.

TIA-5050 Test Sequence for Narrowband (NB) and Wideband (WB) Mobile Handset Phones

TIA 5050 is a US standard with measurement methods and requirements for the receive volume control performance of both narrowband (NB) and wideband (WB) mobile handset phones. The measurements include conversational gain, frequency response, and distortion. Measurements are made at both 2N and 8N handset application forces, with different requirements applied to each. Either Free Field (FF) or Diffuse Field (DF) can be chosen as the Listener Reference Point (LRP) for receive frequency response.