TIA-470-C Telephone Test Sequences

TIA-470C displayThis test sequence implements all the electroacoustic tests required by TIA-470.110-C, outputting the results as a report or writing to a database. Future releases of this sequence are planned to cover headset and speakerphone testing, and will be developed when the relevant subsections of TIA-470 are approved. The test sequence contains all the major clauses of TIA470C, and also includes calibration sequences and sub-sequences. The test sequences can be used as they are to test to the standard, or modified by the user for custom in-house tests based on the standard.


Testing to the TIA-920-A Telephone Test Standards Using SoundCheck

A demonstration of how wideband digital phones can be tested to TIA-920-A, a comprehensive US standard for measuring wideband digital phones. The webinar demonstrates the physical setup, and shows a complete test in SoundCheck, from calibration to final result. Presented by John Bareham, Consultant in Electroacoustics. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar