TIA-810-B Standard for Narrowband Digital Phones

Handset Test to TIA 810/920TIA_810/920This sequence carries out a complete test to the TIA-810-B standard, a comprehensive US standard for measuring narrowband digital phones. Handset, headset and speakerphone functions are all included. The standards apply to VoIP phones, as well as USB audio devices such as headsets, speakerphone attachments, and webcams.  The module is a large structured set of sequences and subsequences which perform all the measurements. Curves and values are shown on the screen, tolerance checks are performed, and data is saved to Excel spreadsheet files. Completely prompted sequences for calibration of all the transducers are included. After a one-time setup with a Sound card and other user-specific interfaces, the sequences are automatic. They run by simply selecting, pressing start, and following prompts where user interaction with the device under test is required. The sequence works with approved sound cards for connection to the transducers. Windows audio devices such as USB headsets work directly with SoundCheck. VoIP softphones also work with SoundCheck, by means of a recommended third-party Windows audio application.


TIA-470-C Telephone Test Sequences

TIA-470C displayThis test sequence implements all the electroacoustic tests required by TIA-470.110-C, outputting the results as a report or writing to a database. Future releases of this sequence are planned to cover headset and speakerphone testing, and will be developed when the relevant subsections of TIA-470 are approved. The test sequence contains all the major clauses of TIA470C, and also includes calibration sequences and sub-sequences. The test sequences can be used as they are to test to the standard, or modified by the user for custom in-house tests based on the standard.


Testing to the TIA-920-A Telephone Test Standards Using SoundCheck

A demonstration of how wideband digital phones can be tested to TIA-920-A, a comprehensive US standard for measuring wideband digital phones. The webinar demonstrates the physical setup, and shows a complete test in SoundCheck, from calibration to final result. Presented by John Bareham, Consultant in Electroacoustics. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar