TIA-5050 Test Sequence for Narrowband (NB) and Wideband (WB) Mobile Handset Phones

TIA 5050 is a US standard with measurement methods and requirements for the receive volume control performance of both narrowband (NB) and wideband (WB) mobile handset phones. The measurements include conversational gain, frequency response, and distortion. Measurements are made at both 2N and 8N handset application forces, with different requirements applied to each. Either Free Field (FF) or Diffuse Field (DF) can be chosen as the Listener Reference Point (LRP) for receive frequency response.


Testing to the TIA-920-A Telephone Test Standards Using SoundCheck

A demonstration of how wideband digital phones can be tested to TIA-920-A, a comprehensive US standard for measuring wideband digital phones. The webinar demonstrates the physical setup, and shows a complete test in SoundCheck, from calibration to final result. Presented by John Bareham, Consultant in Electroacoustics. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar