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Huge Discounts on SoundCheck 19 Upgrades

For a limited time we are offering deep discounts on a system upgrade to enable you to get up to date with the latest version of SoundCheck. The upgrade offer is a simple flat rate: $3,950 for owners of SoundCheck 13 or 14, $3,250 for owners of version 15, $2,500 for owners of versions 16 through 17, and $1,395 for owners of version 18. All the modules on your present system will be included.

SoundCheck® 19 offers new features for multi-channel and room acoustics, as well as many usability upgrades including:

  • Multichannel RTA: The single-channel RTA is replaced with a new multi-channel version, which enables viewing of multiple signal paths simultaneously for a convenient view of many measurements across a wide range of applications. Spectrum settings are configured independently for each channel for complete measurement flexibility.
  • Room Acoustics RT60 (optional module): This module offers extremely fast and accurate measurement of the reverberation time and clarity of any room or space with calibrated signal paths.
  • WASAPI-Exclusive Mode: SoundCheck can now operate in WASAPI-exclusive mode. This delivers lower latency, ensures that sample rate conversion from the built-in Windows audio engine will not occur, and enables SoundCheck to ‘lock’ the audio interface to avoid measurement disruption by system sounds.
  • AmpConnect 621 Control: SoundCheck 19 supports AmpConnect 621, Listen’s new high resolution multichannel audio interface. Set-up and configuration is extremely simple and fast with full plug-and-play functionality and TEDS support for automatic identification, configuration and calibration of microphones and accelerometers.
  • Diagnostic Window: Warning dialog windows can now be suppressed when running a sequence, instead logging the errors, warnings, and information in a separate diagnostic window. This avoids sequence interruption by dialog windows in unattended or highly automated situations.
  • USB Controller Knob Compatibility: SoundCheck communicates with the Drok USB Controller Knob to simulate the feel of a manual analog signal generator. Used in conjunction with other virtual instruments such as the RTA, spectrum analyzer and distortion meter, this offers a rapid way to identify defects by observing the response while manually fine-tuning the signal generator.


Call your sales engineer today to receive a quote for upgrading all your SoundCheck systems. These discounted rates are only available until May 31, 2021, so please get your order in soon!


SoundCheck 19 Discounted Upgrade Pricing
Upgrade from VersionUpgrade List PricePromotional Upgrade PriceDiscount

If you are using a version prior to version 13, please contact your sales engineer for discounted price information.


  • Versions of SoundCheck prior to 14 are no longer supported. We highly recommend that you take advantage of this limited time offer to upgrade your systems to the latest version. Please contact your sales engineer to discuss additional multi-system upgrade discounts.
  • If you have multiple systems with different purchase dates, we are happy to work with you to get them all upgraded to the latest version and onto the same annual support contract cycle.
  • You can also reduce your future upgrade costs by purchasing an annual support contract for an additional $950. With this, you will receive SoundCheck 20 when it is released at no extra charge, as well as priority support service.

Please note that these prices are applicable to the US only. Users outside the US should contact Listen or their local representative for pricing information.

Please email your purchase order to sales@listeninc.com. You can also contact us on this email address if you would like to pay by credit card, have any questions, or need additional paperwork to support your order.

Please also see the detailed information on new features.