Smart Speaker Test Demo

videostill_smart_speaker_test2See how easy it is to test a smart speaker such as the Amazon Echo in this short 4 minute video! We demonstrate how a SoundCheck test sequence can be set up to automatically activate the speaker, play a stimulus, record the response, and measure both the microphone and speaker performance.


Stimulus Tutorials

This series of 9 short tutorials explains the various stimuli available in SoundCheck, discussing when you might use them and how to configure them in SoundCheck.

Part 1 – SoundCheck Stimulus Basics
Part 2 – Advanced functions of the Stimulus Editor
Part 3 – Frequency Stepped Sweep (Stweep)
Part 4 – Frequency Log Sweep Stimulus
Part 5 – Amplitude Log Sweep Stimulus
Part 6 – Wav file Stimulus
Part 7 – Two-tone Stimulus
Part 8 – Noise Stimulus
Part 9 – Multitone Stimulus