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14: Customizing your SoundCheck Desktop & Color Palette (working from home with SoundCheck)

Did you know that you can set your own color palette preferences for graphs and customize your SoundCheck desktop? Cam Ruffle-Deignan shows you how.

13: Sequence Portability (working from home with SoundCheck)

Need to collaborate on a project? Devin Vaillancourt shows you how to export a sequence (including one with dependent files) to share with a colleague.

12: Remote Desktop troubleshooting (working from home with SoundCheck)

Sometimes you may want to use your laptop at home to remotely run tests on your computer in your lab. You may need to adjust your audio signal paths to do this successfully. This short video shows you how.

11: Get some One-on-One Help (working from home with SoundCheck)

You’re stuck working from home – so are we! Take advantage of this time to figure out how to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do in SoundCheck but didn’t know how. Our experts are here to help by phone, email and screenshare!

10: Explore SoundCheck 18 New Features (working from home with SoundCheck)

Les Quindipan reviews the new features in SoundCheck 18 – something that you can easily ‘play along with’ at home if you already have this version. (Hint: if you don’t have SoundCheck 18, you can request a demo version via our website. You won’t be able to actually make measurements, but you can explore the new functionality!)

09: Recall Waveforms (working from home with SoundCheck)

Cam Ruffle-Deignan explains how the Recall Step can be used to run sequences and perform advanced calculations even when you don’t have access to hardware

08: Online Resources (working from home with SoundCheck)

In this video, Mark Latshaw tours you through some of the resources that are available on the Listen website to help you work from home with SoundCheck and to improve your audio testing knowledge in general, including instructional videos, technical papers, manuals and the support knowledgebase.

07: Upgrading to SC18 (working from home with SoundCheck)

Les Quindipan demonstrates how easy it is to upgrade to SoundCheck version 18. If you have been putting off upgrading because you haven’t had time, then use that WFH time to make it happen! Even if you are upgrading from a really early version (prior to V13) this video makes it simple.

Hardware Alternatives (Working from home with SoundCheck #5)

Steve Tatarunis discusses the various options available to you if you are working from home and don’t have access to a calibrated audio interface, including onboard sound, virtual audio cable, Soundflower and USB speaker/microphone.

Offline Menu (Working from home with SoundCheck #4)

In this short video, Cam Ruffle-Deignan explains how you can use the offline menu to experiment with analysis steps using previously-captured data. This can be treated as a scratch pad for testing out different algorithms and step configurations, and these be saved for later use in sequences.