Upgraded Signal Generator and Multimeter in SoundCheck

An Upgraded Signal Generator and Multimeter are available in SoundCheck version 22 and later.
The signal generator and multimeter offer added support for accelerometers and shakers in applications where haptic, or both acoustic and haptic, measurements need to be made. These include fan noise measurements, vibrating car seats, and MEMS microphone/accelerometer combinations. Acceleration units can now be calibrated in g as well as m/s², and offer the option to integrate acceleration to velocity in the multimeter. The signal generator now allows maximum and minimum output levels and frequencies to be set. This  limits the range of the signal path to help prevent accidental equipment damage. These  levels are retained when the configuration is saved or used in a sequence, but levels  can still be manually adjusted within these ranges. Waveforms can now be played back  at their original recorded level with no gain applied. This is useful for listening tests.

Watch the video demo of Upgraded Signal Generator and Multimeter

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