VR Headset Leakage Measurement Sequence

VR Headset Leakage measurement screenshotVR headset leakage measurement is a useful parameter for VR headset characterization. While they are sometimes connected to headphones, most VR headsets also contain built-in speakers, often on the strap close to the ear. These small speakers often have considerable audio leakage due to their positioning on the band, where there is some transmission through air before reaching the ear. This is annoying to others in the room, so efforts are made to minimize this. 

For this measurement, the headset is positioned on a head and torso simulator mounted on a turntable, and a log sweep played from 20Hz-20kHz at user-defined level and distance. The sequence measures leakage and frequency response for one ear in 10° increments from 0 to 180°, and mirrors it to provide a complete 360° polar plot. The final display produces a polar plot for four frequencies, and all eighteen measurements are shown on a frequency response graph.