Advanced SoundCheck Training – June 1, 2015

We are excited to announce a 1-day SoundCheck® Advanced Training Seminar on Monday, June 1st 2015.

This new training class covers a combination of advanced electroacoustics education and SoundCheck topics that are beyond the scope of our basic 2-day training course. It is of broad interest to most testing applications, although the open loop testing is particularly relevant to smartphone, tablet and other devices which do not have an audio path between test system and device.

In celebration of our (and SoundCheck’s) 20th anniversary this year, we are offering this course at 1995 prices – just $199!

Places are limited, so sign up early.

8:30am: Registration & Introductions
8:45am: Choosing the Right Stimulus Type – Steve Temme
10:15am: Coffee Break
10:30am: Open Loop Testing – Dan Knighten
12:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm: Measuring Distortion – Steve Temme
2:30pm: Coffee Break
2:45pm: Processing Data Offline – Brian Fallon
3:45pm: Simulated Free Field Measurements – Steve Temme
5:00pm: End

Instructors: Steve Temme, Dan Knighten, Brian Fallon, Listen, Inc.

Cost: $199

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