SoundCheck 13 Preview

SC 13 graphSoundCheck 13 (shipping Q1 2014) is packed with improvements and upgrades, including a simpler, user interface, improved memory management, faster test development and the option to use longer test signals. Changes and improvements include a complete overhaul of the sequence editor, making it faster to write, troubleshoot and modify test sequences, and updated versions of the XY and Waveform graphs with a cleaner look and more intuitive interface.

Significant improvements to SoundCheck’s memory management allows the use of longer stimulus signals. It also means that sequences that use multiple acquisition steps can also keep iterative recorded waveforms in the memory list without incurring significant memory consumption.  Customers performing multi-channel measurements will also experience substantial performance gains in SoundCheck 13 due to the lower memory footprint. This is beneficial for R&D applications with complex sequences, in particular in the telephony industry where long speech signals are widely used. A 64-bit version  allows the program to access more system memory, which permits the use of much longer stimuli and allow large data sets to be opened into the memory list for offline analysis and reporting.