SoundCheck ONE Updated and Expanded

SoundCheck ONE, our budget SoundCheck system has been updated and expanded for its release with SoundCheck 13. SoundCheck ONE is essentially a lower cost, simplified, version of SoundCheck coupled with the AmpConnect ISC hardware. SoundCheck ONE offers the capability to test loudspeakers, microphones and headphones within predetermined sequence templates.

Although the user interface is the same as in the full version of SoundCheck, rather than using the Sequence Editor, SoundCheck ONE users are supplied with sequence templates. These templates serve as the starting point for all SoundCheck ONE tests and can be used to generate as many product-specific sequences as desired by selecting parameters such as the stimulus signal, characteristics to be measured, frequency range, level and limits.

SoundCheck ONE is designed for customers who do not own a full version of SoundCheck and need a low cost and easy to set up system for basic production line tests of loudspeakers, microphones or headphones. While it offers the same accuracy, advanced algorithms and speed as the regular version of SoundCheck, its flexibility and test customization capabilities are restricted. It is a good entry point for a company testing their products for the first time or moving up from a more rudimentary test system as it can be upgraded to the full version at any time for an additional fee.