ALMA Symposium & Expo, Las Vegas NV, Jan 3-4 2016

ALMA AISE logoAt AISE, the ALMA International Symposium and Expo (Jan 3-4 at the Tuscany, Las Vegas), Listen demonstrated its range of audio measurement hardware and software, including the new SoundCheck 14.1 for Mac, the first commercial audio measurement system that runs natively on Mac OS. Also on show was the company’s entire hardware lineup including the AmpConnect ISC all-in-one audio interface, along with test microphones, microphone power supplies, audio amplifiers, and various interfaces for testing Bluetooth, MEMS and other audio devices.

Steve Temme presented a paper entitled “Headphone Response: Target Equalization Trade-offs and Limitations” which discussed the effects of headphone response and equalization with respect to the influence on perceived sound quality (co-written with Chris Struck of CJS Labs).

He also presented a tutorial on the challenges of measuring high resolution audio. In this presentation he discussed the correlation of hearing and measurement at high frequencies, and the challenges of measuring out to, and beyond 20kHz. He also discussed the trade-offs in performance, such as audible intermodulation distortion. Steve also participated in the panel discussion on high-res audio.

Les Quindipan, a recent addition to the Listen team, presented a session on How to Measure Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones. In this demonstration, Bluetooth speakers and headphones were tested using a Listen SoundCheck system with the Portland Tool & Die BTC-4148 Bluetooth interface. Frequency response and distortion measurements were compared on the same speaker with both Bluetooth and wired stimuli, and he demonstrated how the BTC-4148 is paired and controlled via message steps in SoundCheck for simple test development and implementation. Sequences were also created and modified for other Bluetooth-specific test applications such as headphones and headsets.

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Steve Temme presenting at AISE

Panel Discussion on Hi-Res Audio

Panel Discussion on Hi-Res Audio









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AES, New York, NY, Oct 29-Nov 1 2015

AES LogoWe will be exhibiting at the 139th AES which will be held at the Javits Center, New York, NY on Oct 29-Nov 1, 2015.

At our booth (#242) we will be demonstrating the latest release of the SoundCheck software, version 14,  and the new SoundCheck 14.1 for Mac, as well as showcasing our entire audio test hardware lineup including the new AudioConnect audio interface and BTC-4148 bluetooth interface. We will be demonstrating how you can test virtually any type of audio or audio electronic device with the SoundCheck test system, and showing off some of the latest features of our software.

Steve Temme will also be co-presenting a paper entitled ‘Headphone Response: Target Equalization Trade-offs and Limitations’ with Christopher Struck of CJS Labs. This paper is first up in the P4-1 session (Transducers, Part 1) at 2.30pm on October 29th. In this paper, the effects of headphone response and equalization are examined with respect to the influence on perceived sound quality. Free field, diffuse field, and hybrid real sound field targets are shown and objective response data for a number of commercially available headphones are studied and compared. Irregular responses are examined to determine the source of response anomalies, whether these can successfully be equalized and what the limitations are. The goal is to develop a robust process for evaluating and appropriately equalizing headphone responses to a psychoacoustically valid target and to understand the constraints.

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