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The Challenges of MP3 Player Testing

Author: Steve Temme MP3 players have been the ‘must-have’ electronic gadget for the past few years. Over 10 million players were sold in 2005, and this is predicted to rise to more than double this by 2010. But how can manufacturers carry out QA tests on the production line, ensure excellent sound quality and demonstrate […]

A New Method for Measuring Distortion using a Multitone Stimulus and Non-Coherence

A new approach for measuring distortion based on dual-channel analysis of non-coherence between a stimulus and response is presented. This method is easy to implement, provides a continuous distortion curve against frequency, and can be used with a multitone stimulus, noise, or even music. Multitone is a desirable test signal for fast frequency response measurements […]

Higher Order Harmonic Signature Analysis for Loudspeaker Defect Detection

Loudspeaker assembly faults, such as a rubbing voice coil, bent frame, loose spider, etc., have traditionally been detected using experienced human listeners at the end of a production line. Previous attempts to develop production measurement systems for on-line testing typically analyze only low-order harmonics for the primary purpose of measuring total harmonic distortion (THD), and […]

Enhancements for Loose Particle Detection

During loudspeaker production, particles may become trapped in the loudspeaker motor and voice coil vicinity, resulting in a distinctive defect that is easily heard, but difficult to detect by traditional test and measurements. We found that a Sine Sweep Stimulus followed by a High Pass Filter and RMS Envelope Analysis efficiently detected Loose Particles and […]

Loose Particle Detection

During the loudspeaker manufacturing process, particles may become trapped inside the loudspeaker, resulting in a distinctive defect that is easily heard but difficult to measure. To give a clearer view of the problem, Time-Frequency maps are shown for some defective loudspeakers. Based on this analysis, a reliable testing procedure using a swept-sine stimulus, high-pass filter, […]

Virtual Instruments for Audio Testing

Although Virtual Instruments have been part of SoundCheck as long as most of us can remember, back in 1998 this was a huge innovation. This paper introduces the concept at a time when computerized audio measurement was a novel concept. Authors: Steve Temme Presented at the 105th AES Convention, San Francisco, 1998 Full Paper

HarmonicTrak Algorithm for Fast and Accurate Swept Sine Measurement

Author: Steve Temme The sine generator in SoundCheck®, operates on the same principles as a traditional swept sine measurement system consisting of a sine generator, voltmeter, tracking filter, and level recorder. The main difference is that it is implemented in the software as a virtual instrument. The SoundCheck sine generator sweeps in discrete steps; each […]

Are You Shipping Defective Loudspeakers to your Customers?

Author: Steve Temme Loudspeaker distortion is undesirable. The type and level of distortion, however, can greatly influence the perceived annoyance. In addition, identifying the type of distortion can also help pinpoint the mechanism or mechanisms in the loudspeaker that are causing the distortion. “Rub & Buzz” is a good example of a particularly annoying type […]