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Loudspeaker Diaphragm Displacement Measurement Using a Laser

This pre-written test sequence demonstrates how to use a laser and SoundCheck to measure the peak (max and min) displacement of a loudspeaker diaphragm. SoundCheck is easily configured to include a laser signal path, making it simple to correlate diaphragm displacement with electrical impedance and audio artifacts. In this laser displacement measurement, the user is […]

Audio Measurement Troubleshooting: 10 Time-Saving Tips

Audio measurement troubleshooting can be challenging. All too often we plug and unplug things, tweak settings and re-test, often changing several variables at once. A consistent and logical approach greatly accelerates the process.  Here, we share the process that our experienced team of support engineers has developed to assist customers. Follow these 10 audio measurement […]

Directional Audio Measurements with the MDT-4000 Turntable

Have you ever wondered about the thought process that goes into designing a new audio test product? Our sales and support teams worked closely with Portland Tool & Die during the design of the MDT-4000 turntable for directional audio measurements to ensure it addressed all the pain-points that our customers had with other brands – […]

Does audio test feel like Groundhog day?

It doesn’t with SoundCheck. Advanced test automation enables repetitive and time-consuming  tests on speakers, headphones, microphones, smart devices, communications devices and more to be run automatically. Let’s take a look at an example. The AES75 standard for measuring Max SPL takes considerable time and operator involvement to run – there are multiple iterations of running […]

The Missing Measurements – Challenges of Measuring Immersive Audio

Earlier this week I attended the AES Boston section meeting at Acentech’s state-of-the art facility, lured by the promise of a demonstration of their 3D acoustic listening simulation. I was not disappointed! After some drinks and conversation with other attendees, we broke into smaller groups to experience their immersive listening room. Although only the size […]

100 Things #100: Production Line Audio Measurement With SoundCheck

Everyone knows SoundCheck is a versatile and flexible R&D audio test system. But did you know it’s also fast and cost-effective for production line audio measurement, and offers unrivaled integration with larger factory test environments? End of line testing is nothing new to us. We started the global trend from human listeners and expensive hardware […]

100 Things #97: Zwicker Loudness Measurement

Zwicker Loudness Measurement, an indication of overall perceived loudness level, is calculated in SoundCheck using the Zwicker Loudness post processing step. Instead of just measuring the absolute sound pressure level in dB SPL relative to 20uPa, the Zwicker Loudness algorithm takes into account how humans hear sound level using  the PEAQ international standard. This is […]

100 Things #96: Laser Displacement Measurement of a Loudspeaker

Laser displacement measurement is a technique for measuring the peak displacement of a loudspeaker diaphragm at various power levels, frequencies or both. Did you know that SoundCheck can easily be configured to include a laser signal path? This makes it easy to correlate diaphragm displacement with electrical impedance and audio artifacts. In this short video, […]