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SoundCheck/Mentor A2B for Auto Audio

We are excited to announce that SoundCheck fully integrates with the Mentor A2B interface for testing automotive audio connected via the Analog Devices A2B digital bus. The Mentor Analyzer, which handles the transmission of signal in to and out of the bus, is viewed as an ASIO interface by SoundCheck, enabling SoundCheck to read/write to […]

New DSP Engineer: Rahul Shakya

Listen welcomes on board our new DSP Engineer, Rahul Shakya. Rahul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Mathematics from Trinity College, Hartford, and an MSc and a PhD in Electrical Sciences and Computer Engineering from Brown University. Rahul brings strong Audio DSP skills to his role at Listen, with several years’ experience as a […]

Background Noise Simulation to ETSI ES 202 396-1 Standard

This Background Noise Simulation sequence follows the ETSI ES 202 396-1 standard.  It will automatically calibrate a standardized 4.1 speaker / subwoofer setup in accordance to the ETSI ES 202 396-1 standard “Loudspeaker Setup for Background Noise Simulation” and provide an equalized, calibrated playback solution to stress your device in a standardized and repeatable way. […]

Seminar: Smarter Measurements for Smarter Speakers – Denmark

Smarter speakers require smarter test methods! Learn how to test smart speakers, robots, voice-controlled automotive audio and other IoT devices in our practical half-day seminar taught by industry expert Steve Temme of Listen, Inc., with additional information on microphone and hardware products for testing these devices from G.R.A.S. Although acoustic testing of smart speakers and […]

Seminars in UK and Germany: The Challenges of Testing Speech Controlled Audio Systems

Your devices got smarter. Did your test system? Learn how to implement open loop tests for both playback and recording in a range of devices including smart speakers, automotive audio, robots, IoT devices and more in this practical half-day seminar. Open loop testing (testing devices where inputs and outputs are independent) enables many types of […]

Cupertino SoundCheck Training – Sept 10-11, 2018

Unleash your audio test skills with our popular 2 day SoundCheck training course in Cupertino, CA on Sept 10-11. In this class, we start with the basics – how to set up your system, calibrate your hardware and use the virtual instruments.  We then focus on how to develop and modify test sequences, starting with […]

Triggered Record Using WAV File and 6 Mic Array

This sequence allows you to measure a playback system without analog inputs using a 6 microphone array. Specifically, the sequence is designed to measure an in-car audio system. A stimulus WAV file is created in SoundCheck and transferred to the device under test (DUT) where it is played back and the response captured by SoundCheck […]

New Support Engineer: Cam Ruffle-Deignan

Listen has expanded its support team with the addition of Cam Ruffle-Deignan. Cam has recently graduated with a BSME from the University of Vermont where he spent his time doing applied polymer research, playing intramural sports, and working in a student-run prototyping lab. He has a keen interest in audio products, having interned for Listen […]

New Operations Director: Eric Johnson

Listen has strengthened its infrastructure with the appointment of Eric Johnson to the role of Operations Director. In addition to internal administrative functions such as HR and facilities management, Eric manages the entire operations team including product supply and finance to ensure that all customer requirements are met efficiently and effectively. Eric has spent his […]