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The Future of In-Car Audio Measurements

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the AES Automotive Conference in Gothenburg. While I expected in-car audio measurements to be a discussion point (after all, that’s why I went), I hadn’t counted on it being such a strong focus of the show, and I was excited by the incredible collaborative efforts that are happening […]

Sequence Protection in SoundCheck

Sequence Protection is available in SoundCheck version 21 and later. Sequence protection guards your intellectual property and adds an additional level of assurance that your tests are run as-intended by your production facility or contract manufacturer. Any test sequence can now be locked and password-protected before distribution. Once in a locked state, it can be […]

Sequence Versioning in SoundCheck

Sequence Versioning is available in SoundCheck version 22 and later. Sequence versioning makes it easy to track changes made to a sequence to ensure that colleagues and contract manufacturers are using the correct version. Comment fields make it easy to document changes, and the sequence history view provides a log of historical changes. Archiving functionality […]

Measuring MEMS Microspeakers

Measuring MEMS microspeakers can be challenging due to their small form-factor, but it is increasingly important as they are now widely available and seeing fast evolution and adoption in true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds and in-ear monitors (IEM). Accurate measurement is essential to understanding design considerations, as well as ensure product quality. In this article, […]

SoundCheck 22 Released: Discounted Upgrades!

For a limited time we are offering deep discounts on a system upgrade to enable you to get up to date with the latest version of SoundCheck. The upgrade offer is a simple flat rate: $4,175 for owners of SoundCheck 16 or 17, $3,402 for owners of version 18, $2,646 for owners of versions 19 […]

Audio Test Stimuli: 8 Audio Test Signals and When to Use Them

Electroacoustic measurements rely on many different audio test stimuli. This brief summary of the various options guides you towards the best stimulus for your measurements. Stepped Sine Sweep A stepped sine sweep plays a sine wave, one frequency step at a time with a user-defined frequency range and resolution. SoundCheck’s stepped sine sweep, the ‘Stweep’ […]

Standardizing the Immersive Audio Playback Chain

If you follow my posts, you’ll know that spatial audio measurement is a big research area for us right now. As immersive audio takes off, it’s important that designers of spatial audio systems have the tools they need to accurately measure spatial sound characteristics such as localization and envelopment. This will enable consistency in playback […]

AudioConnect 2 Audio Measurement Interface Demonstration

What makes an audio measurement interface different from any other audio interface? This is a good question. As you probably know, SoundCheck works with most audio interfaces – this is advantageous as our customers can use hardware they already own, keeping the overall system cost down. However, if you don’t have an audio interface and […]

Automotive Audio: 2024 AES 5th International Conference

AES 5th International Conference on Automotive Audio June 26-28th 2024, Gothenburg, Sweden. We’re excited to participate in the 2024 AES 5th International Conference on Automotive Audio. We’ll be demonstrating SoundCheck’s advanced toolkit for automotive audio test, which includes software and hardware for a wide range of in-car audio tests, both in the R&D lab and […]