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SoundCheck® 19 Released: New Features for Multichannel Measurements

SoundCheck® 19,  the new release of Listen, Inc.’s flagship audio test and measurement system, offers additional functionality for multichannel measurements, including a new Multi-channel RTA, WASAPI-exclusive mode, and AmpConnect 621 control. Additionally, the inclusion of room acoustics measurements offers increased capability for those looking to evaluate devices in real-world situations. Many of these features also […]

Measurement of Stereo Soundfield Parameters

The stereo soundfield sequence measures parameters such as Interaural level difference (ILD) and interaural cross-correlation (IACC) using a Head and Torso Simulator (HATS). The spectrum is measured at each ear and calculates interaural level differences (ILD), spectral balance, delay differences, and interaural cross-correlation (IACC). The measurements are made using different time windows, so that the […]

TIA-5050 Test Sequence for Narrowband (NB) and Wideband (WB) Mobile Handset Phones

TIA 5050 is a US standard with measurement methods and requirements for the receive volume control performance of both narrowband (NB) and wideband (WB) mobile handset phones. The measurements include conversational gain, frequency response, and distortion. Measurements are made at both 2N and 8N handset application forces, with different requirements applied to each. Either Free […]

Listen Expands Engineering Leadership Team

Listen has strengthened its product development team with the addition of two new senior managers with a vast range of industry experience. Engineering Director, Teo Bal, and Product Manager Ed Srenger will collaborate closely to drive innovation and strategic direction throughout the product design and development process.   Engineering Director, Teo Bal, brings a wealth […]

Advanced Microphone Measurement Seminar / 麦克风测试进阶篇网络研讨会

April 14, 2021. 9.30am (China time) In this 120 minute online seminar, S&V Samford presents Listen’s Technical Support Manager, Steve Tatarunis, discussing some of the more advanced aspects of microphone testing including: Substitution, Equalized Source and Transfer Function sequences in SoundCheck, including how to calibrate for these measurements. This is an expansion of material covered […]

Display Tutorial

Our series of basic SoundCheck training instructional videos concludes with 7 short videos highlighting the different display options ranging from simply x-y graphs  and tables to polar plots, and display customization, and of course how to use all these options in a sequence. Part 1: Display Step Basics Part 2: Display Configuration Part 3: Graph […]

How to Measure Free Field Speaker Response without an Anechoic Chamber

Did you know you can make free-field measurements without an anechoic chamber? In the March 2021 issue of VoiceCoil, Steve Temme explains his unique method for achieving this. The article explains how the ‘splice’ method results in a full range frequency response from a combination of near-field and windowed far-field measurement, and compares the results […]

无需消声室的20-20kHz自由场测量 / 20-20kHz Free Field Measurements Without an Anechoic Chamber

2021年3月17日,上午10点(中国时区) 在本在线研讨会上, Steve Temme将解释如何在无需消声室的情況下,使用模拟自由场测量,在整个可听频率范围内提供准确的自由场测量。这样能让通常要在消声室中进行的测量可以在常规实验室甚至家中进行,这是对于当前在家工作的许多人来说是一项非常宝贵功能。 此测量方法自2001年以来已在SoundCheck中使用,它可以测量低频下的近场响应和高频下的时间窗口远场测量,并将它们拼接在一起以提供整个频率范围内的响应。   在这次研讨会中,我们将解释该方法背后的声学和数学原理,并通过预先编写的(免费的)SoundCheck测试序列演示测试程序,并说明结果与消声室内的测量结果之间的关系。 该研讨会不收取任何费用,但需要预先注册。

20-20kHz Free Field Measurements Without an Anechoic Chamber

This event has now passed, but you can view the video recording here.     In this online seminar, Steve Temme explains how to use simulated free field measurements to provide accurate free-field measurements across the entire audible frequency range without an anechoic chamber. This enables measurements that would usually be made in an anechoic […]