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Online Training: Basic Sequences

The ability to quickly generate test sequences is one of the most powerful SoundCheck skills you can acquire. We are bringing a 2 hour basic sequence writing course to the comfort of your own home with our new online training. This 2 hour course is a condensed version of the basics of sequence writing from […]

New Software Engineers

Listen has expanded its software team with the hiring of 2 new engineers Josh Thibeault (left) and Dan Donato (right). Josh graduated from Tufts University in 2019 with a Bachelors Degree In Mechanical Engineering. While at Tufts, he played varsity football and was part of the Tufts Electric Race Team. Outside of work, Josh enjoys […]

Waveform Windowing

This sequence demonstrates how SoundCheck’s Windowing post-processing function is applied to waveforms to remove measurement artifacts that might otherwise create false auto delay values and subsequent analysis errors. This sequence uses data from a customer who was measuring the directivity of a hearing aid-type device by mounting it on a rotating HATS and using a […]

21: Limits (working from home with SoundCheck)

While you are working from home, optimize your SoundCheck sequences by tweaking your limits for optimum quality and yield. Devin Vaillancourt explains the different types of limits available (absolute, floating, aligned, and more), and once you have explored the different types, you can test out different limit configurations using saved data from products that you […]

20: SoundMap (working from home with SoundCheck)

Cam Ruffle-Deignan walks you through a demonstration of SoundMap, SoundCheck’s Time-Frequency analysis module, showing how Short Time Fourier Transform, CSD, Wigner Ville and Wavelet analyses can be used for detailed offline analysis of devices. Time-Frequency analysis methods are useful for impulse response analysis and detection of loose particles and Rub & Buzz in loudspeakers and […]

Remote Training

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are not offering in-person group training classes. These will be resumed when regulations allow and there is the demand for it. In the meantime, we offer customized online training for groups of people from the same company, and can offer flexibility in timing, session length and schedule. Please […]