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China Tour – June 2014

Listen’s Dan Knighten will be touring major cities in China as part of the 2014 S&V Samford seminar series on ElectroAcoustic Test Solutions for Smartphones/Tablets, Headphones/Earphones & Bluetooth Speakers. This series of half-day seminars will cover measurement techniques and offer tips and tricks for achieving accurate and repeatable production line measurements A new production line […]

SoundCheck ONE Updated and Expanded

SoundCheck ONE, our budget SoundCheck system has been updated and expanded for its release with SoundCheck 13. SoundCheck ONE is essentially a lower cost, simplified, version of SoundCheck coupled with the AmpConnect ISC hardware. SoundCheck ONE offers the capability to test loudspeakers, microphones and headphones within predetermined sequence templates. Although the user interface is the […]

Harmonic Distortion Measurement: The effects of sampling rate and stimulus frequency on the measured harmonic frequency (including THD and Rub & Buzz)

Author: Steve Temme Harmonic distortion measurements can be confusing to interpret, and it’s important to understand the data that you are looking at, particularly the relationship between the stimulus frequency and the measured harmonic frequency. This brief guide explains the relationships between sampling rate, stimulus frequency and measured harmonics for both normalized and conventional harmonic […]

Production Line Smartphone & Tablet Test

We are excited to announce a complete system for testing of smartphones, tablets, and Bluetooth speakers on the production line. Soundcheck, combined with the new GRAS production line acoustic test chamber offers the acoustic isolation needed for these tests combined with the speed, flexibility and performance of SoundCheck. The test chamber is robust and user […]

CE Mark for SC Amp

Listen, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has received CE Mark approval for its SCAmp Audio Test Amplifier. Specifically designed for the audio test market, the SCAmp incorporates several features unique to the needs of audio test and measurement, and unnecessary features found in regular audio amplifiers have been eliminated to keep production line […]

Testing to Hearing Aid Standards

This webinar covers the setup, calibration, and execution of the Hearing Aid Standards sequence package for SoundCheck. This package includes test sequences for measuring in accordance with the ANSI S3.22 and IEC 60118-7 standards. Presented by Brian Fallon, Listen, Inc. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar  

See Us at ALMA – Jan 2014

Listen will be exhibiting at the ALMA Winter Symposium at the Tuscany Hotel in Las Vegas on Jan 4-5 2014. The ALMA show, immediately before CES is a small conference focused on the Loudspeaker, headphone and microphone marketplace, with an excellent selection of training, papers and seminars from industry-leading experts. Listen will showcase its complete […]

New Digital Audio Data Interface

The new PIO-9216 programmable serial audio data interface provides a simple and direct connection between circuit board components such DSP’s, DAC’s, ADC’s, CODECS , etc. and your audio test system. This enables accurate testing of devices that use the I2S, Left Justified, Right Justified and TDM audio data formats. This capability is valuable in the […]

SoundCheck 13 Preview

SoundCheck 13 (shipping Q1 2014) is packed with improvements and upgrades, including a simpler, user interface, improved memory management, faster test development and the option to use longer test signals. Changes and improvements include a complete overhaul of the sequence editor, making it faster to write, troubleshoot and modify test sequences, and updated versions of […]

Practical Impedance Measurement

Author: Steve Temme Loudspeaker impedance measurements are made for many reasons. In the R&D lab, these range from the simple task of identifying a speaker’s resonant frequency to more complex functions such as calculating the speaker’s Thiele-Small parameters. On the production line, impedance measurement is a key quality control parameter that verifies that the speaker’s […]