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Headphone Testing (part 2)

Author: Brian Fallon.  Reprinted from the April 2012 issue of Voice Coil. In part 2 of this comprehensive feature on headphone testing, Brian Fallon explains how to test more complicated types of headphones including bluetooth headphones, usb headphones and noise cancelling headphones. Full Article

Headphone Testing – a comprehensive overview

Author: Steve Temme and Brian Fallon With the headphone market growing towards $10 billion worldwide, and products across the price spectrum from under a dollar up to thousands, there are many and diverse quality expectations and test requirements. Many audio engineers have moved across from the shrinking loudspeaker industry to the burgeoning headphone marketplace. Although […]


A detailed overview of the settings in the SoundCheck hardware editor and how they relate to your specific devices, covering soundcard, digital I/O, RS-232, IEEE, and DC Connect device settings, as well as the system-wide hardware setup, newly introduced in SoundCheck11. Presented by Amandio Neves, Listen, Inc. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar

Display and Data Management

This webinar is a comprehensive guide to the many options for configuring and customizing displays, as well as instruction on how to interact with data from the Memory List. This webinar will cover all the new functionality introduced in SoundCheck 10 and SoundCheck 11. Presented by Brian Fallon, Listen, Inc. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar  

Headphone Testing (part 1)

Author: Steve Temme. Reprinted from the December 2011 issue of Voice Coil. In part 1 of this 2-part series, Steve Temme discusses the basics of headphone testing. Full Article

Laptop and PC Audio

We discuss and show measurement configurations to address the challenges of PC and laptop audio testing. Topics include communicating with the device under test and working with the physical test setup. Presented by Steve Temme, Listen, Inc. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar  

Microphone Testing – an overview

This webinar outlines the basics of microphone testing in SoundCheck. It covers two main methods for measuring frequency response, discusses directional measurements, and reviews the SoundCheck sequence for measuring microphone self noise. Presented by Brian Fallon, Listen, Inc. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar